Tour de Scandinavie, Stage 7: Stockholm – Öland – Lund

For our last night in Stockholm we didn’t have accommodation but actually managed to get a free bed in the hostel and obviously two in the camper. After Danny had taken his plane back to Munich Jörg and I started the final part of the trip, heading south towards Lund with a stop on the island of Öland near the southern end of Sweden | See the pictures Continue reading

Tour de Scandinavie, stage 5: Trondheim – Dovrefjell – Lillehammer – Swedish border

In Trondheim there’s actually the Nidaros church worth visiting. Again the library offers free internet. To recharge our batteries and get a hot shower we booked the camp site Flakk a bit outside the city right next to the sea.
After a very slow morning with scrambled eggs and potatoes we headed inland, leaving the coast of Norway | See the pictures Continue reading

Tour de Scandinavie, stage 4: Stavanger – Bergen – Trondheim

As good as the weather had been during the first week of our trip, as bad it would get from now on for the next couple of days. But first there was still hoping that the sun would break through the thick clouds when we started the hike from the parking at the foot of the Preikestolen where they actually charge you a parking fee of NOK60 which seems to be a full-on rip-off. But the nicely prepared track leading through swampy land and nice plateaus makes up for it in the end | See the pictures Continue reading

Tour de Scandinavie, stage 3: Oslo – Kristiansand – Stavanger

So, it’s been a while since I last wrote about the trip. Not that nothing has been happening or we started arguing or so – but somehow I just haven’t had the motivation and time for more than uploading photos … and actually in Stavanger I lost about half an hour of work because my computer crashed right before submitting the post. But now I’ll try to make up for it and bring you up to date | See the pictures Continue reading