Tour de Scandinavie, Stage 7: Stockholm – Öland – Lund

For our last night in Stockholm we didn’t have accommodation but actually managed to get a free bed in the hostel and obviously two in the camper. After Danny had taken his plane back to Munich Jörg and I started the final part of the trip, heading south towards Lund with a stop on the island of Öland near the southern end of Sweden | See the pictures
Öland is connected to the main land with a bridge of a length of 6 km. And you don’t have to pay any toll! First we drove north to visit the city of Borgholm with its huge castle ruin and the nearby summer residence of the Swedish royal family, castle Solliden.
Along the way up north to the light house “Långe Erik” there are many wooden wind mills and some nice little villages. The northern part of the island is rather covered with forests whereas in the south everything is flat, there are hardly any trees and you can see lots of ruines of old houses. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too nice again so we didn’t really stop anywhere for a longer stay.

Back on the main land we drove past the city of Karlskrona which is known as Sweden’s only baroque city and is host to Sweden’s only Naval base. After a short stop we managed to arrive in Lund just in time to get the keys for one of Jörgs floor mates in the student residence where we’d left some of the luggage three and a half weeks ago. Together with some friends we had a funny last night in Sweden and started our way home through Germany the next day.

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