Getting frostbitten in Stockholm

Wednesday night we picked Danny up from the airport Arlanda north of Stockholm. Danny is a friend of Joerg, they met during a practical term in Tokyo a couple of years ago. For the next four days we’d be three to explore the bars and places of Stockholm | See the pictures
We checked into the City Backpackers right next to the station; there was even a parking just round the corner. The same night we went out for some drinks in several bars but most of them close already at 1am.
The next day we first visited the tourist information to find out about accommodation for Saturday night. Due to the soccer match Denmark vs. Sweden all hostels had been booked out when we had rung them weeks ago and they actually still were full but the lady behind the counter gave us her private number. So in case we wouldn’t find anything we should call her and she’d make room for us in her apartment – pretty cool!
The cultural program started in the famous Vasa museum where they tell you the probably most embarrassing chapter in Sweden’s history when the royal man-of-war sank on its maiden trip – not even leaving the Stockholm bay. Many people died and the show-piece of the Swedish armada didn’t fire a single shot … After a spectacular recovery of the wrack scientists restored most of it and now you can visit it and learn about the history. It’s highly recommended to watch the 30 min movie shown in the museum as well.
After the museum we strolled back to the hostel where we had dinner (free pasta provided) and then headed for the Absolute IceBar where you get to wear a coat and gloves and enter a room entirely made of ice. Even the glasses are just frozen water. The first drink is expensive because you pay the entry fee with it but the refills cost only half of it (still not cheap but he, we’re in Stockholm!). So you could actually buy only one drink and refill it for the rest of the night. Bookings are also recommended, we were pretty lucky to get in at all without a reservation. After this cool experience we had a look into the Cliff Barnes Bar which according to the Lonely Planet guide was supposed to be a crowded and nice spot with a party crowd and people dancing on the tables. Not quite accurate, however, it was empty, but we finally got a drink in another bar before we walked back to the hostel where we sat in the lounge, having a chat with Simon from Adelaide and Josh from Britain.

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