Adelaide – Alice Springs: A Groovy Grapes adventure through the Outback – Day seven

The last day

The last day began already at 4am. We had to be early to avoid the heat at Kings Canyon where we did another walk. The first bit is named Heart Attack Hill Climb and although it’s not really a climb but rather steep stairs I can see why you don’t want to be there in the hot sun during the day. Mind you, even when we started the walk it was already pretty damn hot!
The walk was nice and offered some spectacular views across the canyon. As always Kev explained at various stages historical and geographical facts about the area.
The Garden of Eden offered some shelter from the sun and a water hole as well as a balcony like outlook.
When we were back at the car it was only 10am but incredibly hot in the sun. So the pool at the Kings Canyon Resort was a welcome playground for a while. After a swim and lunch (once again toasted sandwiches) we started the long drive to Alice Springs where the tour would end with a dinner and some drinks at the pub. One last attraction on the way was Jim’s place where Dinky the worlds only singing dingo was loitering in the shade and it took quite some effort to get him to sing. Here a demonstration what he is capable of when not so tired. It was fun to watch him anyway.
Final stop of the tour was Alice Springs, an old telegraph station now developed to a city. Everybody went off to their accommodations and a bit later we all met again for the last supper at Bojangles where you’re dining right next to two pythons (of which I got to hold one at some point). Back at the hostel we sat together till late, laughing and chatting and trying not to think about saying good-bye …

It was an awesome tour, made possible by a group of nice, funny and keen people from all over the world (Ireland, England, France, Korea, China, Italy, Netherlands, New Caledonia and Germany) and a great guide who deserves a big thanks!! I can only recommend this tour to anyone wanting to experience the outback in a fun but also informative way. Thanks also to all of you who were there as well, it was great meeting you and spending time with you!
See ya in another part of the world maybe …

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