Adelaide – Alice Springs: A Groovy Grapes adventure through the Outback – Day six

Kata Tjuta

Thanks to a better time managment we actually managed to reach the lookout in time! The sun rose next to Uluru, shining onto the very close Kata Tjuta. Another amazing spectacle not to be missed!
Still early in the day we started a walk through the mounds of Kata Tjuta itself. Three hours and even at 10 in the morning the sun was burning down like you wouldn’t believe! That’s why the walk is actually closed after 11am. Back at the resort we had an early lunch (awesome taccos!) and had a water war with Kev. We also grabbed some fire wood for the night and started the long trip to Kings Creek cattle station where we would stay for the night.
On the way we stopped at a red sand dune from where we could see the salt Lake Amadeus and Ulurus ugly twin brother Mt Connor which looks quite similar but is 4m smaller and not nearly as famous.
The rest of the day we pretty much spent in the bus driving along the MacDonnell Ranges which stretch all the way up to Alice Springs and form an impassable barrier. We arrived at Kings Creek cattle station and David prepared some spaghetti (he is Italian) on his birthday (yum!) and I wandered around the bush trying to get some good shots of the sunset.

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