Good-bye Darwin

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Some more pics from the third part of the trip, Darwin and the Top End. Looks like uploading just finished so go ahead and enjoy!
Or read on … sitting in the Youth Shack here in Darwin, trying to recover from a rather big night out at Discovery Club, definitely worth to go there, even on a Sunday night there was party till 4am and we met many people we had seen before such as the chaos crew from England with those I-want-them-too-accents. I love it how you can say fuck and it still sounds posh … would love to hear the Queen swear one day.
Had also a few drinks with some guys and girls from France, Grenoble actually, last night. Had met them earlier already a couple of times during the trip through Kakadu and Litchfield (basically wherever we stopped, they seemed to be, too) but never really talked to them. But they went on to Thailand today so it was their last night in Australia! We celebrated a lot, having Chartreuse shots and rum cokes … my gorge throat is still sore thinking back … uaah! But it was great fun and only knowing them for this one night really was great! Who knows, might see them at some point in France …
Tonight we’ll probably head out for dinner somewhere with David, could join the Brits at the Casino. And then it’s another good-bye for us, off to Cairns tomorrow early morning! Has been a great time in the Northern Territory, met lots of good people and did cool stuff. Now the east coast is waiting | See the pictures

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