From business class to layover in Frankfurt in 5 days

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IF you fly at all!
IF you fly at all!

It could have been a great week: On my way back from Korea, Lufthansa had decided to upgrade my seat from economy to business class for free. Good stuff! Plenty of room for my legs and a massage chair make a long distance flight so much easier to bear :-)
Only five days later I was sitting in a plane from Zurich to Frankfurt again. When the pilot announced a 30 minute delay I got a little worried about my connection but there was still hoping – until I got off the plane way past boarding stop. And of course at the security check they had to swipe my camera equipment for explosives. And even though I told the woman that I had to run she sent me to the checkpoint where the officer asked her why she had brought me over. Her reply: “I’m so bored, I wanted to do something!” – thank you soooo much, bloody idiot!
So yeah, obviously I had missed my plane by a few minutes. An hour later, while waiting for the shuttle bus to a hotel, I witnessed the discovery of a bunch of suspect packages. The police blocked the whole area but then my bus left so I don’t know if there was really a bomb or not.
Now I’m sitting in the lobby of the NH Hotel Möhrfelden, my new flight is tomorrow via Munich – let’s hope the weather doesn’t act up again!

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