Korea, 2nd stint

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Some weeks have passed already since my short trip back to Germany. Not much has been happening since then, for the last couple of days I’m trying to get rid of a nasty flu (without swine), other than that work is keeping me busy and doesn’t allow much action during the week. On weekends I usually play some pool or foosball at Road King. The weather changed from sunny blue sky to gray and cold, sometimes it rains so I haven’t really been outside of Cheongju lately.
But I finally managed to go climbing! There is a bouldering gym only a five minute walk from Ramada Hotel with polished holds and strong climbers. Although communicating is rather tough they are all really nice and helpful.

2 thoughts on “Korea, 2nd stint

  1. Michèle sagt:

    Hi Felix,

    Ich glaub Dein Wetter in Konstanz ist ganz schön optimistisch (26° und sonnig???) Kann kaum glauben dass es dort grad sooooo schön ist ;)

    Bis Weihnachten, Grüssli, Michèle

  2. Felix sagt:

    Schon irgendwie, gell? Naja, man darf ja träumen … Grüssli und bis bald!

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