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Originally the whole team stayed at Grand Hotel in Chungju. But then a few incidents concerning the sanitary facilities were reported … for example, this one toilet that stopped working – and got “fixed” in the wrong room which from then on had problmes with leakage.

And then there was this rumour of another, much nicer hotel where you’d get your fresh omlette every morning and not only when Mr. omlette chef deigned to show up. And since those minor and major issues couldn’t get resolved the whole gang moved to Cheongju and settled at Ramada hotel.
And what a difference! Pool, sauna, gym, and even an indoor driving range, all included. And Cheongju has a lot more to offer with its University and cultural scene, a few pubs and bars, apparently two bouldering gyms (have yet to check them out though). On the downside, the bus ride takes almost one hour now. Which means that after eleven and a half hours at work I’m usually too tired to make use of the facilities … but I COULD and that’s all that counts, right? :-)

One thought on “A new home

  1. Michèle sagt:

    Hi Felix!
    Find ich auch, das ist es was zählt!
    Ich hab hier auch ein Gym im Haus, war bis jetzt 3x aufm Laufband… (naja, immerhin ;-) )

    Und was die sanitären Einrichtungen angeht: Heute war mein chinesischer Vermieter hier und hat eigenhändig das undichte Waschbecken mit Silikonpaste verschmiert. Sieht jetzt ganz doll versifft aus, aber hauptsache es ist dicht und kost nix (die Chinesen halt)

    Bis bald,
    Grüssli, Michèle

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